About Sara

I spent five years running Sara Ran Away with the Spoon as a home-based bakery. My signature items were stuffed cookies with surprise middles, and not-your-grandmother’s bundt cakes. You could find me selling at local farmers markets or creating custom-made gifts/care packages.


In 2017, I switched gears from selling baked goods to teaching baking classes. Since then, I have taught classes for youth and adults.

When Coronavirus made it difficult to teach in-person classes, I decided to offer online classes so everyone could participate. Over the summer of 2020, I taught eleven weeks of baking summer camp to kids aged 9-15. I also taught pre-school/parent sessions, and offered individual lessons. 

One of my core messages is that baking is all about the process. Touching, feeling, smelling, and tasing are all import parts of baking and learning in the kitchen. Choosing the most delicious recipes I can find also helps participants make the tastiest of treats, without having to leave their kitchen.


For fun, I participate in a cookbook group where we enhance our baking skills by trying out new techniques and working with specific ingredients. When not baking, I enjoy being active outside, swimming, biking, walking, or xc-skiing.


I’m a mom of two, but my son and daughter are grown and on their own. My husband and my dog, Delilah, keep me company these days.