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Over the years, I've worn many hats! My educational background is in counseling psychology and parenting education. I have a masters of education in counselling psychology and a graduate certificate in parenting education.

For many years I ran my own business as a parent educator, called Moving Through Parenthood. My focus was educating the parents of teens and I offered educational workshops and presented to parent groups.

While my own teens were in high school, I took a break from this work. I decided to pursue another passion, baking. Sara Ran Away with the Spoon was initially a home bakery, and I sold my treats at local farmers' markets. After five years, I realized that I missed teaching but still loved to bake.

I decided to teach kids and tweens/teens to bake.  When the pandemic hit, I pivoted from teaching in-person to teaching baking online. Surprisingly, I found I love teaching teens online.  As the pandemic progressed, I felt sad for my teen customers, who were isolated from their peers and showing signs of being stressed and anxious. Our baking classes always seemed to bring smiles to their faces.

I've realized that I have a unique set of skills with my parenting education background and love of teaching tweens/teens to bake. Not only can I teach teens to bake, but I create tools to help parents who are worried about the well-being of their kids. I help support teens through the power of baking!

One of my core messages is that baking can be empowering, especially for teens. It helps teens gain confidence, allow for creativity, and build connection, all while learning an important life skill.

When not baking, I enjoy being active outside, swimming, biking, walking, or xc-skiing. I also love books (fiction and cookbooks)!  I’m a mom of two, but my son and daughter are grown and on their own. My husband and my dog, Delilah, keep me company these days.  


I'm proud to offer unique baking classes that are a fun way for tweens/teens and their families to learn the basics of baking, and so much more.

It's my goal that the classes be interactive, encouraging mics to be on (as much as possible) during the baking lesson.

Each class is private, allowing me to customize them for every student/family. Working 1-1 helps me to focus on techniques and skills and to answer any questions along the way. The end goal is for the student to feel proud and joyful of what they can create.  

One of the benefits of baking is that it naturally leads to conversation and time to form connections. I strive to get to know each student and help them build confidence in their new baking skills.

Baking also provides many ways for students to be creative whether it's how they decorate a cupcake or choose an add-in ingredient to a cookie. Creative expression is encouraged.  

For families that take classes together, it is a great opportunity to spend time talking, working, and making memories in a relaxed setting. It's a way to connect, share, and collaborate, which can sometimes be hard for tweens/teens and their families.  

I also offer monthly parenting discussions. The are a great way for parents to learn and connect with other parents in a supportive environment. Parenting tips will be offered to help ease the difficulties that can come with parenting tweens/teens.

Teenage Baking
"Both of my kids have taken baking classes virtually with Sara Ran Away With The Spoon and loved it. During the pandemic my oldest child took several classes, some months it was weekly and she made some fabulous desserts. Sara was very friendly, patient and led an engaging class which gave the kids a change to ask questions as they went along. Sara would also take the time to check in with each kid throughout the class and ask how they were doing. My daughter always felt like she was going to fall behind, but Sara helped her build confidence in the kitchen and get comfortable with baking on her own."
Cathy B

Work with Me

support groups for teenage parents

Learn the power of baking in your own home with our private 1:1 or group baking classes, for teens & their families.

Baking for Teens

Support your teen to help them gain confidence, learn new skills & gain independence. Work with me 1:1 to learn the many ways baking can open doors to communication & connection.




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