Sara led a virtual baking class for my daughter's Girl Scout troop, and the girls had so much fun! Not only did they make a delicious treat (scones!), but the girls also learned baking basics and kitchen safety. They worked independently and were so proud of themselves afterward. Thank you, Sara! ~ Kimberly HL.

I took my first ever on line cooking class with Sara. It was a wonderful and fun experience. I found her to be organized, easy to understand, and has a great depth of knowledge in all things to do with baking. I will happily take more with Sara. ~ Andrea S.

We LOVE Sara Ran Away with the Spoon! Sara did a cooking lesson for my 4 year old. During the lesson, Sara was engaging, spoke kindly to my daughter, and patiently taught her - virtually! I highly recommend Sara for all your baking needs...and desires! ~ Krysta J.

I highly recommend Sara for teaching both kids and adults!   Recently, during the COVID-19 crisis, Sara asked a few friends to join her for some online baking sessions.  My first thought was that it would be a fun way to spend an afternoon.  My take away was Sara’s natural talent for teaching.  At the beginning of the sessions, Sara confirmed that everyone had the ingredients and tools needed – even asking if substitutions were needed for ingredients or baking pan sizes.  During the sessions, Sara was patient, ensuring everyone was on the same step.   Sara was really good about telling everyone what was going to happen and when. When kids were present, she was considerate and asked each about how much cooking experience they had, she asked them to show her the mix so she could ensure the right consistency, and she asked about school and summer plans.  Sara was personable and comfortable interacting with each person.  ~ Lynn S. 

I have been enjoying the baked goods of Sara Ran Away with a Spoon for years, so when Sara offered the Zoom scone class, I couldn't wait to participate.  It was fun, informative, and efficient.  And, best of all, now I know how to make my own dried cherry chocolate chip scones! I had never made scones before and Sara walked the group through step by step offering technique advice and words of encouragement.  I highly recommend this convenient method of becoming a better baker with Sara Ran Away with a Spoon online classes.  ~ Lisa P.