What Every Baker Needs-20 Tips to a Well Stocked Pantry

Do you have a baker’s pantry, stocked with the food items you need, to cook your favorite baked goods? Are you craving chocolate chip cookies or brownies? Would you like to try making chocolate mousse?  Stock your pantry now so that you can bake on a whim, or experiment with a new recipe, when the mood strikes. 

To help get you started, I’ve created a list of the 10 key ingredients that you need to keep in your pantry or refrigerator. Once you’ve got the basics covered, add the 10 bonus ingredients to enhance your baking options.

10 Must-Have Ingredients:

  • All-Purpose flour (tip: can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, if used infrequently)

  • Baking powder (check expiration date)

  • Baking soda (check expiration date)

  • Brown sugar (tip: store in an airtight container)

  • Butter (unsalted)

  • Eggs (large)

  • Granulated sugar (tip: store in an airtight container)

  • Milk (organic whole milk seems to last the longest)

  • Semi sweet chocolate chips (many cookie recipes require an entire bag)

  • Vanilla extract (natural, not imitation)

Once the must-have items are in your panty, there are ten more ingredients to add so that you won't have to run to the supermarket the next time you want to bake up a yummy treat.

10 Bonus Ingredients:

  • Cake flour (lower protein amount than all-purpose flour, for lighter texture)

  • Chocolate (dark/milk, baker’s)

  • Cinnamon (powder/sticks)

  • Cocoa powder (unsweetened)

  • Colored sugar (various colors for decorating)

  • Confectioners sugar (powdered sugar)

  • Dark brown sugar (contains almost double the molasses as light brown sugar) 

  • Peanut butter (usually creamy, not natural)

  • Rainbow sprinkles/jimmies (If you’re from New England brown sprinkles may be called jimmies!)

  • Vegetable oil (canola, avocado, grapeseed)

With these 20 ingredients, you will be able to stock your kitchen and be prepared to bake a number of delicious goods. These 20 ingredients are almost always in my pantry. Am I missing any of your favorites? What would you add to the list?

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