Sara's Favorites -Tools and Tips

Welcome! In this section of my blog, I'll be posting short video clips of my favorite kitchen tools and baking tips. Lots of fun things to share with you.

To start, I'd like to tell you about a replacement item. I had to find a new beater for my KitchenAid electric mixer. My original beater was chipped and flakes of paint were getting into my dough. I found this tool online, for less than $30, quite a lot cheaper than having to buy a whole new mixer. This replacement beater (Side Swipe) was a life saver. Thankfully, I didn't have to replace my trusty mixer.

Did you know there were replacement beaters? Originally, I didn't even think it would be an option and feared I would have to buy a new machine. Have you ever had to buy one? Which one did you buy? I wonder, is it unusual for the KitchenAid beater to chip?