Are Online Baking Classes Here to Stay?

One of my students recently asked me if I thought online baking classes would continue once things start returning to normal. My answer, "I sure hope so!!" I could give 100 reasons, why I'd like to see online baking classes continue, but I'll stick with my top 5.

  1. Cooking in your own kitchen...Learning to bake in your own kitchen makes sense. You will get to know your stove and use your own equipment. For kids especially, learning with the tools they have accessible to them will help them become more confident cooks.

  2. No Hassles...As a mom, one of the things that wore me out was driving my kids here and there and coordinating their schedules. Online classes can be done in your own space. No need to drop off, pick up, or wait. Heck, you can even take a class in your pajamas if you want.

  3. Responsibility...In my classes, when the treats are in the oven, I encourage the students to take a few minutes and clean up. It's harder to get kids to clean up in a group setting. Usually there just isn't enough space for everyone to be involved.

  4. Have you met my pet/s...Over the past year of online teaching, I have gotten to see so many of my students' pets. "Here is my dog, my bunny, my guinea pig..." As students repeat classes with, I feel like I'm learning the names of their pets. Seeing the kids' pets adds a level of connection that I would have never expected. It always makes me smile, when I get to see Fiddo taking a nap, near his favorite baker. An added bonus, pets have a calming influence. If a student is getting anxious, taking a quick break to talk about a pet can be just what's needed to get back on track.

  5. I love what I do...Saving the best for last. I really love interacting with the kids in my classes. Whether they are sharing funny stories or are being laser focused, they bring joy into my day. Connecting online is a way for them to be comfortable without any of the pressures that may come along with in-person interactions. They can just be themselves. And really, what's better than a kid being a kid, and being able to watch it happen? Seeing the confidence that builds in students during class as they bake a delicious treat from start to finish makes me love what I do.