3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Digital Scale for Baking

Bet you didn't know that I have to cook for my 17 pound cockapoo, Delilah. My poor dog is allergic to everything so I cook for her. It's not that hard. Do you know what makes it so much easier? My digital scale. Every meal she eats 4.5ounces of food. It's so easy to keep track, using my digital scale.

If you are a home baker, but not cooking for your dog, would a digital scale be a useful addition to your kitchen. Yes!

Watch this quick video and see why it's a good idea to use a digital scale for baking.

For those of you who have a scale and haven't used it, I encourage you to find a recipe that lists ingredients by weight (ounces or grams) and give your scale a try. Bonus points if you measure in grams. You will find that it is very easy and precise, just what you want when baking at home.