Frequently Asked Questions

** How does shipping work?
Sara Ran Away with the Spoon will ship orders within Massachusetts from October-April. To assure a quality product, we do not offer shipping during the summer months so that our items don't melt.

** Will you ship a care package outside of Massachusetts?

If you would like to send a care package outside of Massachusetts, Sara can prepare your package for mailing. All you need to do is arrange to pick it up and it will be ready for you to pop in the mail. 

** How quickly should I expect my package?
All items are made to that it doesn't sit out in the elements.
** Do you deliver?
Yes, we deliver large orders (over $55) within 5 miles of Lexington. Delivery fees of $7.00 will apply. Be sure to contact Sara to discuss delivery arrangements.

** Do you provide custom orders?

Yes, contact Sara and she will answer your specific questions! Orders of more than four dozen items are considered custom. Please email, phone, or text Sara before placing a custom order.

** May I pick up my order?

Yes, orders may be picked up in Lexington, MA.  Sara will email you to arrange the details.

**How quickly should I expect my delivery?

All items are made-to-order. Your order will be processed as quickly as possible. To provide you with the freshest possible baked goods, items will not be mailed on Thursday or Friday. Sara uses USPS two-day delivery to ship within MA. During the holiday season, shipping may take longer than two days, due to delays beyond her control. You will receive an email notification when your item has shipped. If you are sending a gift, please let your recipient know a package is on the way, so that it doesn't sit out in the elements.

** How should my goodies be stored?

Sara's baked goods are best eaten fresh. Try to eat them within a day or two!! If you need to store them for longer, they will freeze well. Be sure to wrap them tightly in plastic or store them in a sealed plastic bag before freezing. Sara will individually wrap each item before mailing. Check to be sure the plastic is fully sealed around each item or repackage them for best freezing results. 

** Additional questions?

Do not hesitate to contact Sara if you have any additional questions.