Sara's Story

Sara Lane Artisan BAker

Since it's inception, Sara Ran Away from the Spoon has focused on using quality ingredients to create customized bake goods, whether for farmers' markets, family celebrations, or corporate meetings. As owner and founder, I am here on a mission, to bake for you with premium ingredients and a dash of love stuffed in.

My grandmother taught me to how to bake and was my inspiration. She was a wonderful baker. Before she passed away, she shared some of her favorite family recipes. These recipes were hard for me to replicate because she baked in unspecified measurements...a little of this, a pinch of that. As a reminder of my grandmother and her love for baking, I bring her pink linen tablecloth with me to all of my markets.

More recently, I have moved on from my grandmother's recipes to creating my own. With each new recipe, I test, revise and adjust, all in the hope that my taste sensations will reach new customers, and bring each and every one of them as much joy in eating as I’ve had in creating. ~ Sara!!